Long Island Abundant Life Church Chinese School

The LIALC-CS has the special team and purpose of love. We desire to bless our community not only by teaching Chinese language and culture, but more so by caring those who come to CS with the love and good news of Jesus Christ. We invite you to come and taste, and also to contribute to make it our family.


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2022-2023 Chinese School

Upcoming Event
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Hi Parents! We can’t believe that Spring is finally here & Mother’s Day & Father’s Day are around the corner. Let’s celebrate together on 5-14-22 with interactive activity with your child(ren).

It’s so much FUN! Don’t miss the chance to find out how your child(ren) plan(s) to celebrate with you! Please save the date!



嗨,家长您们好! 我们不敢相信春天终于来了,母亲节和父亲节也即将到臨。 让我们在 5-14-22 与您的孩子(们)进行互动,一起来庆祝。这是多么的有趣! 不要错过了解您的孩子如何计划与您一起庆祝的机会! 那天见!