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Long Island Abundant Life Church Chinese School

The LIALC-CS has the special team and purpose of love. We desire to bless our community not only by teaching Chinese language and culture, but more so by caring those who come to CS with the love and good news of Jesus Christ. We invite you to come and taste, and also to contribute to make it our family.


2023, Jan 21
Chinese New Year Celebration


Upcoming Event
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Hi our friends in Chinese School , how are you?  


Parents Breakfast Club (PBC) sincerely invites you to join us on February 4, 2023, from 10:00 am to 12:00pm. We are lucky to invite a professional CPR/First aid instructor & Health Educator——Ms.  Millie Fang to present an important topic on CPR & Choking. Participants will have opportunities to practice on manikins.  

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a lifesaving procedure that is done when a person’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped.  This may happen after drowning, suffocation, choking, or an injury etc. Every year, sudden cardiac arrest strikes almost 380,000 people in the U.S. — one every 90 seconds. As parents, let’s learn a practical skill to protect our beloved one!

Hope to see you all! 

**No certification will be provided **





新的一年讓我們活得更踏實、更有警覺性。「家長早晨」誠邀您們來參加一個不一樣的學習活動。在2023年2月 4日, 上午十時到中午十二時,PBC邀請了一位專業CPR/急救指導和健康教育員—方志淵 女士來為我們舉辦一個:「(CPR)心肺復甦術/窒息急救法」的講座!參加者將輪流在人體模型上練習心肺復甦術,這是一種救生程序,在呼吸或心跳停止時進行。 這可能發生在溺水、窒息或受傷後等等。在美國,每年有近 380,000 人發生心臟驟停——每 90 秒就有一人。作為父母,讓我們一起為所愛的家人和朋友,作守護的工作!希望您們能抽空參加!到時見!

** 抱歉!不會提供證書**



中文学校家长们,您们好!新的一年让我们活得更踏实、更有警觉性。“家长早晨”诚邀您们参加,一个不一样的学习活动。在2023年2月 4日, 上午十时到中午十二时,PBC邀请了一位专业CPR/急救指导和健康教育者—-方志渊 女士,来为我们举办一个:“(CPR)心肺复甦术/窒息急救法”的讲座!参加者将轮流在人体模型上练习。心肺复甦术,是一种救生程序,在呼吸或心跳停止时进行。 这可能发生在溺水、窒息或受伤后等等。在美国,每年有近 380,000 人发生心脏骤停——每 90 秒就有一人。作为父母,让我们一起为所爱的家人和朋友,作守护的工作!希望您们能抽空参加!到時候见!

** 抱歉!不会提供证书**

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